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Challenge - Object Writing

Okay writers! I know you're here (And that includes ye who like writing long entries)...

Here's a lowdown for orientation, examples, and rules:

Take an object, and using all your senses, write about it for 15 minutes. It's pretty much free association/a stream of consciousness.

Your senses, in case you forgot:
Taste, touch, smell, sight, sound, motion, and emotion.


I made it a simple object for the first go-round. As an example, here's mine:

I stand in the bitter cold, my eyes tearing from the wind. I squint and through the slits of my eyelids and what seems like an infinite distance between the tip of my numbing nose and the subject of my sight, I can make out a monster of a building. It's awkward in demeanor, yet overpowering the skyline still lacking the ominous attitude. It seems out of place and new, although it has been here for years. For acres there are arches, bland windows, steel and concrete. There are smokestacks, belching out black clouds that I can scarcely make out in the snowfall. For as massive as it is, and adolescent as it seems, it makes hardly a peep throughout the day and night.

I wonder whatever happened to him. The candymaker. Winker...Wanker...

I jumped about seventeen feet in the air when the gate I was staring through suddenly buzzed rudely, announcing its opening. For a second I stood there, blank, as it continued to buzz. Then the gate swung open, nearly whacking me in the face as I finally got the picture and scuttled away a bit, standing on the curb and out of the way of the stupid gate. I slowly peered around it, contemplating taking a quick jog inside the compound. However, I was startled again as a red, brown, white, and purple shipping van blared its horn.

Now annoyed, I marched back to my original position, now wanting to continue on my way and get home. The van was in my way, though, and it looked as though one would be for awhile as I saw one after the other leave the factory. I saw the familiar emblem in swirly script adorn one of the sides of the trucks, and a light clicked inside my head.

"That's it! Wonka!" I felt as though I had accomplished something not unlike a cure for cancer. I pulled my coat tighter around me and finally resumed my walk home as the last truck drove away into the blizzard.

Okay so you don't have to write something like that, but hopefully you get the idea. I didn't necessarily end on the thought or subject of factory, but that's where I started.

Submission Rules:
--Just for simplicity's sake, this challenge, only one entry per person.
--Do not reply to this entry to submit! Send an email to: with the subject pertaining to this community.
--Remember your time, use only 15 minutes to write.
--Submit by Sunday, November 6th, 5:00pm CST (-6:00 GMT). I will decide what to do with voting, etc by then.
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