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A community for fans of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to share their fiction. The name of this community came from the name of the cafe in the shoe-shining scene in Burton's adaption.

By the way...if you use Firefox, the layout is going to be really hard to read, because as hard as I try (and goodness gosh knows I have) I can't get the opacity of the tables to change. So consider using a different browser if it's troubling you ~:)

1. Posting access is granted only by me, your moderator, reibish.

2. In order to keep the community on-topic, for those that are granted access, post only your fiction. Refrain from intro entries, although a quick introduction is okay for your first post in addition to whatever fiction you're submitting. You may also post notices of hiatus, either the commencing or ending of.

3. With the exceptions of drabbles, ficlets, and "extra" scenes/chapters that aren't part of your main story, make sure all your work is beta'ed and edited before you post it, including anything you send me to read if you'd like posting access.

4. For the love of cheese, use LJ cuts!! If you don't know how to, ask me or check the LJ FAQ before posting your entry. I'm happy to help.

5. On the topic of LJ cuts...please don't fake cut, unless the fake cut leads to another location within Livejournal.

1. What you post here does not have to be exclusively for the community. Just make sure any pieces you submit that are intended only for the Greystone Cafe are friends-locked.

2. Although I covered this already, I want to say directly: please don't post here looking for betas, either as an actual post or in a comment. I know that finding betas (and the right ones at that) can be a hassle, so I'm working on a solution.

3. Let's all behave here. Debate as you see fit, but I might be compelled to step in if I see something like, "oh em GEE u ar sofa kinq stoopid!1!*&%*#!" Keep in mind that it's a fiction community, not a discussion group ~:)




Cuts are as follows:
You can put whatever you choose behind the cut, but warnings MUST be before the cut. Here's a universally-accepted format:

Pairing: (if applicable)

Something along those lines is just fine. Actually, I don't care, as long as any warnings are before the cut.

First, join the community ~:) That makes it easier once you are accepted. Then, just get ahold of me using the contact information provided below and go from there. Generally, if you're emailing me, just give me your LJ username and a piece of your work - whatever you want me to read. It can just be a small piece, but if it's just a snippet from a full story, let me know. If you're submitting drabbles and the like, include two or three if you can, and then I'll get back to you within about five days.

any questions?
my contact info:
AIM: wuckingfinamp
email: reibish@yahoo.com
LJ (fo): reibish

Slash/het ("explicit") fiction and is welcome here. Any pairing is completely acceptable.
Under no uncertain terms, underage explicit material (aka "chan") is not permitted in this community. Meaning, all participants in the story must be 18 years of age or older, and minimally depicted as such (talk to me for clarification, I'll answer any question! ~:) There are plenty of places that will let you post the underage content to your heart's content...but this is not one of them.