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It's All Good

Above you'll find the "unreleased" chapters of my story, Cell Block F. 

Yes, I am really the Island Hopper and yes, Reibish had total - nay, absolute - permission to post them. Lord knows I tried, but I am not in any way, shape or form LJ-savvy and felt it was for the benefit of everyone's sanity if someone who knew what they were doing posted them instead of me. Do you really want to gaze upon hapless HTML codes who have lost their way in transition and instead show up in the text? 

I didn't think so. 

Like it says in the author's notes, the story will remain unfinished, unless of course there is a mass uprising of protests and I am threatened bodily if I do not finish it. But, like most other human beings, Hopper doesn't take well to threats of mutilation.

If you like it/hate it/don't friggin' care, let me know. I have a hideous LJ account with nigh on nothing productive to say, if you feel so inclined to click on the sprawling, overturned sheep. 

Gawd, I love that sheep. 

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